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BURUNDI SHOP is the leading ompany in e-commerce and related services in Burundi.

The basic idea of Burundi Shop is to become a regional company in providing the complete, economic and easy to use e-commerce solutions in order to facilitate supplying goods in landlocked areas and helpping small businesses (long ignored by conventional system) to become key players in cross-border trade.

Established in 2011, BURUNDI SHOP is the logical culmination of a process initiated since 2006. Six years of intensive work before its creation.

Founded in complementarity spirit, BURUNDI SHOP includes among its founders companies and individuals with skills in various areas including ICT, Trade, Finance, Transport, Logistics and Tourism. Thanks to this inspiring team with multiple skils and a good knowledge of regional business environment, BURUNDI SHOP has already proven the ability to be able to achieve any e-commerce project tailored to the needs of local and regional market.

BURUNDI SHOP offers not only the solutions but also the appropriate strategies so that its clients can find, without prejudice to the usual, the e-commerce solutions tailored to the local and regional business context.