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Burundi Shop is an ecommerce company assisting sellers and buyers in digital shopping and selling of goods from/to East African Community.

The founding idea of Burundi Shop is to offer to both sellers and buyers complete, reliable and easy-to-use ecommerce solutions. This in order to facilitate supplying goods to landlocked areas and to help small traders and local producers, long ignored by conventional trade systems, to become key players in cross-border trade.


Created in 2011 and the in a spirit of complementarity, Burundi Shop brings together among its founders companies and individuals who have already proven their skills in various sectors including ICT, trade, finance, transport, logistics and tourism.

Thanks to this multi-skilled design team and the mastery of the local and regional business environment, Burundi Shop has already demonstreted its ability to develop e-commerce concept that meet the needs of unconnected area, which has earned privilege of being ranked among eTrade for All partners.


BURUNDI SHOP brings together within its Board of Directors all the skills required to design and implement all kinds of e-commerce project and related services.

Matendo Fernand
CEO & Co-founder

Nizigiyimana Salvator
Chairman & Co-founder 

Amb. Gasunzu Pascal
Chairman & Board Member

Prosper Bizimungu
Chairman & Board Member

Valère Nsengiyumva
Chairman & Board Member



BURUNDI SHOP has already served with satisfaction various local institutions among which the National Central Bank of the Republic of Burundi (BRB), the National Posta Office (RNP), the Ministry of Local Development, the Burundian Association of Local Elected Officials (ABELO), etc.


With funding from the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA, Netherlands), in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the University of Burundi, Burundi Shop provided web 2.0. training to about 100 representatives from various sectors including Government officials, academia, media, private-sector and civil-society.


Burundi Shop, in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Trade, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi, the Agency for Regulation and Control of Telecommunications (ARCT), organized several workshops & meetings related to logistics supply chain, payment systems and regulation in Burundi.


Burundi Shop has designed and obtained a patent for its Payment Gateway capable to process payment of online orders using existing (offline) payment methods (Isokopay).

Ragional and International references

Competitions & Awards

  1. TRAC FUND, 1rst Edition - Burundi Shop i the finalist of the Competition "TradeMark East Africa Challenge Fund", 1st edition (2013), organized by TradeMark East Africa to encourage innovative projects in the East African Community.
  2. 6th EU-Africa Business Forum - Burundi Shop has been selected among the 50 innovative African startups that represented the African Private Sector at the 6th EU-Africa Business Forum and the 1st Edition of the Europe-Africa Startup Digital Business Fair organised in the sidelines of the 5th Summit of European-African Heads of State, November 2017, Abudja, Côte d'Ivoire.
  3. WSIS PRIZES - The Project "East African Digital Common Marketplace" initiated by Burundi Shop, was consecutively nominated (2018 and 2019 edition) for the final phase of the WSIS Prize Competition (in the category of best e-commerce projects worldwide) organized each year in the sidelines of the World Summit on the Information Society by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU, Geneva).


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